Matte Black Bottle Vase

Matte Black Bottle Vase

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These matte black bottle vases are a must-have addition to your decor. Versatile in color and style, this trio nicely compliments a variety of decorating styles and can be filled with seasonal foliage to carry you through out the year.
Neutral color blends with many decor styles. Made of high quality ceramic to ensure durabilityIdeal decorative vase set to add style and charm to your home.
Small- 3.00'' L X 0' 3.00'' W X 0' 5.00'' H
Medium- 3.00'' L X 0' 3.00'' W X 0' 7.50'' H
Large- 3.00'' L X 0' 3.00'' W X 0' 10.00'' H