What is the local pickup option at checkout?

· 785 Décor has a storefront location at 118 N. Poplar in Ottawa, Kansas.  By selecting local pickup, we hold your items at the store for you until you can pick them up at your convenience during our open store hours, or by reaching out to us at info@785decor.com to arrange for pickup.  

Upon the event at checkout, you are not given the option for local pickup (we have noticed that certain zip codes entered at checkout will not allow you to choose this option as well as using PayPal) just select shipping, and reach out to us. We will contact you, refund your shipping, and arrange for in store pick up at that time. 

Please reach out to us via email with any questions. We will do our best to make sure you receive the décor pieces you love in a timely and affordable manner!

When can we expect new arrivals to drop on the website?

· While we would love to have set drop dates for new arrivals, our shipments and their arrival dates are out of our control, and variable at this time (yeah Covid!).

We get very excited about our products arriving and want to get them out to you and the website as soon as possible.  At this time, we plan to post new merchandise as it arrives, instead of holding them for specific launch dates.

Please subscribe on our website by sharing your email with us, and follow us on our Facebook page to stay up to date on when new arrivals will hit the website!

Will items be restocked or waitlisted if they sell out?

· 785 Décor strives to bring personal and unique décor pieces to you. All of our inventory will be offered on a first come first serve basis, with no guarantee of restocking specific items. This will not apply to our candles, room sprays, or counter sprays, as we plan to have those items available and restocked as quickly as our suppliers allow, in the event they sell out.

But we can’t smell the candles on the website before purchasing?!

· We hear you, but we also feel that candles are important to home décor. Whether used as accent pieces or scents that set an atmosphere in your home, candles are a staple in making a house a home! At 785 Décor, we were very selective when picking out candle suppliers for you.  We strive to find candles that are a little out of the ordinary.  Our suppliers range from local vendors to small businesses, that share in our passion for providing a unique and quality candle, with scents you can't find just anywhere.

We also have a store front located in Ottawa, KS so come on by and take a sniff for yourself! All candles available online are featured in our store if you prefer to sniff before you buy!

How long do I have to pay after being invoiced? (This question applies only in the event of a Facebook live sale)

· You will receive an invoice for payment via email within 12 hours of your order being placed. Once that invoice is sent, you will have 12 hours to pay your invoice in full or your item will be restocked. We reserve the right to give no notification of restocking if that should occur. 785 Décor will not hold items. Please reach out to us at info@785decor.com with any questions or concerns that may occur.

Will you accept cash or check as payment?

· 785 Décor will only accept payments via our invoicing system, which you will receive via email, in the event of a Facebook live sale.  Immediate payment is required at checkout for all online orders placed.  Accepted forms of payment are listed on the website. In the event of a Facebook live sale, all payments are expected within 12 hours of invoicing, and will be required before shipment or local pickup.

I don’t want to pay for shipping, but I don’t live near the storefront in Ottawa for local pickup option.

· 785 Décor understands shipping costs and hassles aren’t fun! If you have a situation, you would like us to consider, please email us at info@785decor.com, so we can assist you in trying to find a solution. We will do our best to make it easy and affordable for you!