9 oz. Amber Jar Candles DW

9 oz. Amber Jar Candles DW

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The Grown-Up version of our 4 oz. Amber Jar Candle. Amber glass and a black lid make a classic candle to fit into any decor and fill your room with a warm glow and beautiful fragrance for the season. Approximate burn time 40+ hours.
Made in United States of America

Baja Blooms: greens with citrus and coconut. 

Banana Nut Bread: Sweet banana, warm cinnamon & nutmeg, and a hint of vanilla. Customer FAV!

Banoffee Pie: Sugary caramel and sweet banana with cream.

Bourbon + Butterscotch: Just like the name implies this is a blend of sweet and
rich butterscotch and mellow Kentucky Bourbon.

Caramel Tobacco: Masculine and mellow at the same time? Why not? This one
surprises most who venture to sniff and they love it! Sweet and earthy make a
great combo scent.

Coffee & Cream: Smooth blend cold brew coffee, sweet vanilla, and heavy cream make a mellow but satisfying scent.

Coffee Crumb Cake: A true blend of coffee and strudel sure to make everyone happy. 

Coffee House: Similar to our Coffee + Cream but with added notes of caramel to recreate walking into your favorite coffee shop.

Cozy Cashmere: Soft and warm with cedar and vanilla. 

Dark Waters: a complex mix of cardamon and ozone. Very masculine. 

Flower Market: dewey greens and fresh chrysanthemum.

Morning Brew: Strong notes of rich bold coffee blended with a dash of sweet caramel.

Night Cap: Notes of fresh coffee and bourbon make this a cozy and inviting scent for the season.

PNW: A blend of pines and earthy greens with sage. 

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Surprisingly delicious with lemon and orange citrus and cherry topped with vanilla. 

Specked Pear: Simple Bartlett pear and a touch of apple for luck. 

Sunset in Napa: This complex scent blends earthy greens, sweet citrus, warm grapes, and a hint of cream to bring it all together.

Sweater Weather: Cozy vibes with butter, vanilla, all-spice, and cream. A perfect cool weather scent!

Waffles & Pecans:  Sweet vanilla, earthy nutty pecans, and a hint of cream make up this cozy scent. 

Warm Cinnamon & Tobacco: Tobacco leaves and warm cinnamon are a perfect pairing. 

Woodwork & Plaid: A mix of masculine and clean with notes of Fraser Fir and clean lemon. BESTSELLER